One of the major tourist attractions of northern Vietnam is a place called Ha Long Bay, if you haven’t heard of it, Google it. Beautiful limestone islands that jut out of the water, amazing…But also a tourist trap. David and I being on a budget didnt want to sign up for the expensive chartered trip….plus […]

A few days ago David and I headed to a small village outside of Hanoi called Bat Trang. It is a small village where everyone works in ceramics….a bunch of Vietnamese Davids….except some where making life size ceramic dogs, not quite Davids style. We took a local bus about 13 kilometers (we are so acclimated […]

Out first day in Hanoi was amazing! Jet lag got us out of our room bright and early and we were pleasantly surprised when our hotels free breakfast offered eggs and bacon. I also had my first passion fruit…I thought that was just a flavor in Jamba Juices. They are very small and yellow inside […]

We finally made it to Hanoi! The trip started with me getting a very bad head cold a day before we left. Congested and tired, I tried to ignore the fact I was sick and not complain….and poor David had to listen to me blow my nose over what felt like a million times on […]

It’s been an amazing last few weeks with so many great people around us. It’s always hard to find the words in a good bye, but we’re excited to have a place to share our stories as they happen with you. Thank you so much to the people that have made this possible. We couldn’t of […]

David and I wanted to keep a blog of our adventures so that others could keep up with what we are doing.  With about 4 days until we leave we are doing the last things on our to-do lists – specifically fill David up with biscuits and gravy and myself with Mexican food. Our bags are almost […]