About Us

David and I met a few years ago through mutual friends. He was living in Provo, Utah and I was still in New York City. We instantly connected, but the distance between us kept both of us from wanting to jump into a long distance relationship. We opted for being penpals.

307A few years later, with new life experiences between the two of us, David spent 6 months traveling India and I had become a full fledge media project manager with my first with my first Webby nomination, we reconnected for a short vacation/work trip in Las Vegas. It was there we realized our connection was much deeper then being penpals and we couldn’t deny that a long distance relationship was the only option for the two of us.

Thanks to Facetime and lots of late night phone calls our relationship grew and I started constantly visiting him in Utah. David always offered to come visit me in NYC, but each visit to Utah grew in me a desire to see more mountains and less obstructed views and noise polution. We began our long talks of wanting to travel the world and see it all together. It was then decided – We must travel!

The plan was then put in motion and the money was getting pulled together. We deiced I would move to Utah a few months before we would leave so that we could for the first time spend more then three days in the same room and save our money together.

We spent the winter months skiing, hot springing and saving our money for our travels. Come April we were set to travel. We first had to put a stop to all our bills, put our whole life into storage and say our goodbyes to family and friends. And now a year and some time later, here we are living our dream together.


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