Finally Arrived

We finally made it to Hanoi! The trip started with me getting a very bad head cold a day before we left. Congested and tired, I tried to ignore the fact I was sick and not complain….and poor David had to listen to me blow my nose over what felt like a million times on the 12 hour flight to Souel.

Dazed and very out of it we wondered the giant brand new international airport trying to pass our 4 hour layover. Thankfully we found some super fancy and free showers followed by giant comfy recliners where we napped until our flight.

We flew Asiana air to Hanoi, which is basically virgin America of Asia. The stewardesses wore cute little hats and the meal was super compartmentalized.

Once we arrived we got our visas….missed the quarantine check in, I was scared they would detain me for bringing some American virus. We then got picked up by our hotel and quickly fell asleep.

Now it’s our first day and we are headed out and about. We should have some good pictures to share later.



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