The darkness zipped past us as the bus arrived into Saigon, an hour and a half early. So here we were; bags on our backs, in a perfect storm of sleepy and grumpy and in Saigon at 4:30am. Another one of those sleeper busses from hell! Our driver had sped through the whole drive, taking […]


Now that we are in Cambodia we have been craving some of our favorite foods from Vietnam. Though some of it is still offered here in Cambodia, these are some of our favorite Vietnamese dishes and markets. Banh Baò These are delicious sweet warm puffy buns filled with meat, mushroom, spices and a boiled quail […]

The small mini bus wound up the curving roads, taking us higher and higher into the mountains. As we climbed the scenery changed from dusty villages to green trees, while fruit orchards sprang up around us everywhere. We were on our way to DaLat, Vietnam. After a long night on a sleeper bus from Hoi […]

With our stay at Hoa’s made short, the obvious decision seemed to press on and forward the river to Hoi An. Asking around we learn that the others, in a natural progression to the south, will head to Hoi An as well. So Cory rode ahead since he had a moto and Sarah with Joe, […]

Hoa’s place was everything we had imagined. A stones throw away to a deserted beach, an open air restaurant complete with travelers having Larue beers and a laid back breezy atmosphere. Looking at each other relived and excited to hunker down for at least a week, we took a seat at the table with the […]

After our mountain time in SaPa we were ready to head toward the beach. Our first thoughts were to head to Hoi An as we heard so many great things, but as we did our research, it turned out Hoi An was a good sized city quiet a distance from the beach. It seemed nice, […]

Our stay in SaPa was fairly uneventful, because of the foggy weather, we took the opportunity to relax, sleep, watch some movies and write while we waited for the clouds to part. SaPa is a fairly quite mountain town with the hustle and bustle mainly coming from tourist activity. There are quite a few very […]

In the days to now I can say that we have been fully immersed with the “Lets do it all.” And with today’s adventure I can say that we have certainly done that here in Cat Ba. With last nights conversation on “what’s next?” Morgan and I decided to see Hong La Bay via kayaking, […]

After our adventures in Ha Long Bay, David and I had a big decision to make that night. Do we go south and chase the sun to what we have heard to be an amazing beach town, Hoi An…or do we go north to the mountains, to a small town we heard had amazing views […]

Cat Ba island is mostly made up of nature preserve and very few roads. The only way to get around the island is by motor bike, so of course David and I had to see the islands for ourselves. You can walk up to anyone on the street and negotiate a day rental for about […]